Street Corner Renaissance, A Legacy Reborn

Not just another vocal group, Street Corner Renaissance singers serve as cultural ambassadors. They articulate a life style from bygone days, reminding baby boomers of their past while painting a picture of the present, and reflecting movement toward a musically and artistically stimulating future.

In this 21st Century, as we enter our middle and golden years, we've all suddenly realized that the music of our youth -- that rock & roll, doo wop, R &B, and Soul music of the 40’s, 50's, 60's, and 70's -- represents the most tender, honest, and creative moments of our lives.

This latest Album -- yes, I said Album -- is an organic, heartfelt expression of our collective musical experiences, captured in the recording studio for your enjoyment and listening pleasure. Utilizing only the beauty and power of the human voice, Street Corner Renaissance takes you on an evocative musical journey.

In our latest recording, "Life Could Be A Dream", our grouppays homage to greats like Sam Cooke, Ray Charles, Nat King Cole, Michael Jackson and other, lesser known musical geniuses -- many of whom still sing at street corners, subway stations, and restrooms all around America. Sober-minded and justice-driven as we are, we have tried our level best to understand and accept the music embraced by our children and grandchildren. Yet, try as we might, we find their music difficult to accept it as "ours". Truth be told, it is not ours; it is a musical product born of another generation. As caring parents and grandparents, we of course will remain tolerant of our offspring's quaint tastes. Our considered musical sensibilities will remain intact. Surely the music born of our generation -- those classic songs and sweet sounds of musical legends such as Little Jimmy Scott, the Moonglows, the Harptones, Jesse Belvin, Jackie Wilson, Clyde McPhatter, the Flamingos, the Drifters, the Heartbeats and the Dominoes -- should never, ever "go out of style". In fact, we might fairly contend that it was us who created style!

As mature adults, we consciously reject the notion that it is patently "hip" to follow our children where it relates to musical, cultural and artistic appropriation. Bemused as we are by their favored music and attire, our notions of good taste naturally differ. Where it concerns style, we are content to kneel at the alter of Sinatra, Belafonte`, Elvis, Tony Bennett, Miles Davis, Nat King Cole, Duke Ellington, and so many other 20th century musical giants.

We boldly proclaim our right to enjoy that, which stirs our souls! Doo-wop music is timeless and substantive. It encourages love and positive relationships. It deserves to be heard. Doo-wop's compelling lyrical, cultural, historical and artistic qualities, beyond making it worth remembering, make it ripe for enjoyment right now! So sit back relax, turn the music up, and have a coke and a smile on us!

--Torre` Brannon Reese - Street Corner Renaissance