Life Could be A Dream SCR Street Corner Renaissance

...An Encore Performance!

The Group: Charles, Torre, Maurice, Tony, Kwame


  • Kwame Kevin Alexander


    kwanePic (Founding Member) Sings Lead, Bass, 2nd & 1st Tenor and Baritone.
    Educaton: Oakwood Colleges, B.A. in Theology, Andrews University, M.A. in Divinity.
    Philosophy: Spread love and love will come back to you. In all things, give thanks to him who loves us all. read more

  • Charles “Sonny” Banks

    charlesPic  – aka Charlie- sings Lead, 1st and 2nd Tenor and Bass. Charlie is responsible for the harmonies and the sacred                                          Bassline arrangements that are the foundations of all of our songs .

    Philosophy: God is Good. Believe it!
    Advocation: Grand kids, Resting & Dressing, Golf, Singing and More Golf. read more

  • Anthony “Tony” Snead

    tonyPic  Sings Lead, Bariton, 1st and 2nd Tenor. He a co-arranger for the group and is reponsible for the production audio.               Educaton:Malcolm X Shabazz High School. (formerly, South Side Hills
    College: The University of Hard Knocks, (Bi-coastal campuses)
    Philosophy:Being early is being on time. If you’re on time, you’re late. Give your all in all that you do and everything will work out fine. read more

  • Torrence Brannon Reese

    Torrence B. Reese aka Torre (Founding Member) Sings Lead, Bass, Bariton, 1st & 2nd Tenor. Torre serves as the group’s Historian, Energizer , in-house Choreographer and has been instrumental in SCR’s business development . Educaton: Los Angeles Southwest College AA and Cal State Dominguez Hills, B.A. Degree in African Studies. read more

  • Maurice Kitchen

    photo of Maurice Kitchen (Founder /Artistic Director) Sings Lead, 1st & 2nd Tenor and Baritone.
    Education: Norfolk State College (Virginia) -Business Major, Malcolm X College, Chicago, The University of Illinois, Chicago. B.A. Degree Radio/TV Productions.
    Philosophy: You must be a slave to your art before you can become its master. read more