Life Could be A Dream SCR Street Corner Renaissance

...An Encore Performance!

The Group: Charles, Torre, Maurice, Tony, Kwame


  • Kwame Kevin Alexander


    kwanePic (Founding Member) Sings Lead, Bass, 2nd & 1st Tenor and Baritone.
    Educaton: Oakwood Colleges, B.A. in Theology, Andrews University, M.A. in Divinity.
    Philosophy: Spread love and love will come back to you. In all things, give thanks to him who loves us all.
    Avocation: Fashion, tennis and music. Kwame is determined to bring sexy back; all by himself.  (And for his efforts, ladies love Kwame.) Kwame is The Most Educated member in the group.

    The youngest member of  the group, Kwame was born in Memphis, Tennessee, the southern soul city that gave birth to the legendary Stax/Volt Record Label. So  it’s no surprise that, like so many great soul singers,  he started out singing in the church where he was recognized as a child prodigy with an amazing impressive five-octave vocal range (which he uses to great effect).

    A man of many talents and gifts, Kwame plays the piano, has Pastored a Church (10 years) while teaching school professionally. In addition to his work with Street Corner Renaissance, Kwame is a sought after vocalist on the Los Angeles musical scene and is constantly spreading love, smiles and joy with all he has to give.
    Regarding the future of R&B music, Kwame feels that there are still many great young artists out there today who simply need more exposure and a real chance. He has not given up on the younger generation as it relates to their preserving soul music as a cultural art-form. In the meantime; he’s content to showing them first hand; how it’s done.