Life Could be A Dream SCR Street Corner Renaissance

...An Encore Performance!

The Group: Charles, Torre, Maurice, Tony, Kwame


  • Anthony “Tony” Snead

    tonyPic  Sings Lead, Bariton, 1st and 2nd Tenor. He a co-arranger for the group and is reponsible for the production audio.               Educaton:Malcolm X Shabazz High School. (formerly, South Side Hills
    College: The University of Hard Knocks, (Bi-coastal campuses)
    Philosophy:Being early is being on time. If you’re on time, you’re late. Give your all in all that you do and everything will work out fine.  Advocation:  Rescuing stray animals and working with special needs adults. He cherishes the opportunity to give back.


    Anthony Snead was born in Newark, new Jersey, the city where many say Doo wop began. It was there where he honed his chops as a street corner performer during the 60’s and 70’s.
    “My earliest memory of being exposed to Doo wop was at the tender age of five years old when I saw five guys on the corner singing a catchy lil diddy they called Once upon a time in a Nursery Rhyme.” Says Tony. “These cats had adapted a medley of what seemed like every nursery rhyme they could think of, into this creative Doo Wop masterpiece. From that point on I was hooked.  A short time later I got with my buddy Charles Jones, the brother of Linda Jones who had a hit single out at the time called Hypnotized. We formed a singing group and won talent shows, performed in clubs, on streets corners, churches, wherever anyone would listen. Then I joined a group named Spice of Life. It was a 4 man vocal group and the first time I sang with an 8 piece band. We performed all over;including the world famous Apollo Theater. Those were my formative years as an artist and I learned a lot about singing and performing during that time. It was a great training.

    My professional career took off shortly after I moved to Los Angeles and met fellow SCR group member, Charles Sonny Banks. We met in seemingly a bad situation; in that we were members of The Fellowship for Recovering Addicts. Singing was like therapy for us and another  fellowship member, Julian Epps. Together we formed a popular award winning local group we named “Banks, Epps & Snead” We made a lot of money and I’ve manage to stay clean and sober of 26 years now.

    Somebody asked me what the highlight of my career was. Well, it’s hard to say because I’ve been singing in groups all of my life and it’s all been good. The one thing I did that was different for me; was theatre.  I got casted in my 2nd play, Voices, a Legacy to Remember. All of a sudden the next thing I know, I’m running around singing, dancing and acting on stage. That’s not something I had ever thought about before but man, ‘what an experience! I had a ball and look forward to doing it again.”

    Look out Denzel and Brian Mitchell!  Here comes Tony Snead, Thespian.